About us

Studio Sun City

Future Audio Design

We design the future.
Imagination is our strength. Sound is our language.

Studio Sun City designs immersive audio experiences in which we appeal to the listener’s imagination to shape the City of the Future.
We offer hope, solace, and perspective on a better future. Post-fossil, inclusive, and sustainable are the core values of our utopian world. In collaboration with our audience, we create inspiring prospects.

In his book The Great Derangement, writer Amitav Ghosh dubbed the climate crisis a ‘crisis of the imagination’. Facts and figures will not bring change. It’s time for new stories. We will have to mobilise our collective imagination.

In our piece, you experience the city of the future. Using sound, we aim to create an embodied experience. We take elements from theater, conceptual and visual arts, and create audio plays, podcasts, music, performances and art installations.
Important works include Koffiedik, a podcast series in which the Netherlands of 2104 is given shape through the stories of six talented young writers, and City of Sound and Silence, a binaural audio tour through the post-fossil city of the future.

Studio Sun City works for festivals, municipalities, non profit organisations and (semi)governmental organisations. Additionally, we are always on the lookout for exciting collaborations with other artists, scientists, and policy makers. For Studio Sun City, collaboration is part of the product; our method is transdisciplinary. Our work is realised within the public domain, in order to create the biggest possible impact on the level of policy.

Studio Sun City consists of Jeek ten Velden, Frank van Kasteren, and Ivo Schot.

The Team

Jeek ten Velden is a director, theater maker and drama teacher. In 2010, he graduated from the theater director program at Toneelacademie Maastricht. He’s since worked for various companies and institutions such as Orkater, Paradiso/Melkweg, De Nieuwe Oost, and the Concertgebouw. Additionally, he often directs bands and musicians, like the Amsterdam band My Baby, and the successful music project De Niemanders. Along with doing hands-on directorial work, more and more Jeek is moving towards conceptual art and concept development of both auditory and visual work. With Sun City, his goal is to create art about the city of the future, in a post-fossile, sustainable world. As a director, Jeek sees himself as a barometer of the times. He is a socially engaged creator with a great love for music, sound, and new media.

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