is changing in countless ways. We know this huge change can not be stopped. Also, there are several changes that are necessary. All this, of course, raises questions on what the city of the future will look like. In our Seminar, we try to turn this question around. What do you think the city of the future looks like? What do you like about the city of today, what would you like to keep? What bothers you, what do you hope will go away?

We don’t go into this process empty-handed. We use COSAS (City of Sounds and Silence). A binaural soundscape in which, through sound, you are placed in the middle of the city of the future. The sounds trigger the receiver’s imagination, leading to a conversation about our imagination.

What becomes clear immediately is that, while everyone hears the same sounds, there are huge differences in what they make people see. These big differences also show why it’s so hard to visualize the city of the future. Our visions of reality differ wildly.

Still, together we will attempt to collect the images we feel are important and put together a picture of the city of the future. This information will also serve as input for our further development of the seminar and the audio play. This way, the imagination of the participants truly becomes a part of our new vision of the city of the future!

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