Koffiedik (Reading Tea Leaves)

A six part audio play as catalyst for an unavoidable future.

Along with Enusual, the part of Enpuls concerning itself with sustainability and imagination, artist collective Sun City created a trip to the future. A future translated into Koffiedik, a six part audio play that takes place in a utopian city in the Netherlands of 2104. Six stories, full of music, invite the listener into a hopeful world, where man and society are in harmony, where nature rules the cities, and where sustainability is standard. Six writers and six actors focus their imagination on life in 2104, when the dodo comes back to life, Shell no longer exists, and we no longer bury our dead.

Written by Jibbe Willems, Joost Oomen, Onias Landveld, Wytske Versteeg, Pelumi Adejumo, and Simone Atangana Bekono. Voice work by Krisjan Schellingerhout, Nadia Amin, Onias Landveld, Diewertje Dir, Carmen van Mulier, and Sabri Saad el Hamus.

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