Sun City II

A poetic city walk through time

In the musical show Sun City II, a timeless voice leads you through a ‘Change of Age’ and, through live music and powerful visuals, takes you to a new utopia, a new world in an old industrial warehouse on the NDSM wharf. Looking for new answers to old questions, for ideas that change the world, for people with the guts to design a world which is radically different than our current one. Revolution appears to be the only solution.
Sun City II is a special collaboration between musicians, theater makers, and scientists. Written and directed by Jeek ten Velden. Music by Rutger Martens, Frank van Kasteren, and Ivo Schot. Visuals by Frouke ten Velden and Rene te Riele. Performance: Keja Klaasje Kwestro. Performance: Keja Klaasje Kwestro.

“Once in a while so many fundamental changes occur in so many areas, that we don’t speak of an age of change, but rather a change of age. I posit that we are currently living in one of those transitional periods.”

Jan Rotmans – professor of transition studies.

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