De toekomst van werken (The Future of Work)

An audio time capsule spanning a year’s worth of theater about the future of working. Sun City captures Nieuw Utrechts Toneel’s 2021 in a time capsule. Over the course of this year, Nieuw Utrechts Toneel explored the theme ‘the future of working’ through various shows. Studio Sun City created an audio installation using a collection […]

Wat Je Plant Denkt (What Your Plant Is Thinking)

A new musical story in 12 hours. During a two-day collaboration with writers Sanne Vanderbrugge and Jibbe Williams for Oorzaken Festival 2021, we tried to imagine the thoughts of a plant. We provided the music and lyrics, the audience provided the input.In the morning, over coffee and croissants, we talked to that evening’s audience. We […]

Hear, Hear, See The City!

The city of the future, a symphony. Hear, Hear, See The City! is a walk through the city of the future in music and sound, and is a sequel to the successful COSAS. You visit different spots in the city: a square, a tourist street, a canal, an urban farm, and the urban forest. In […]

Deep Transitions Podcast

A seven part podcast series about the Deep Transitions Project from the University of Sussex Business School’s Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium. A Q&A with scientists from different areas of research within the project, such as The First and Second Deep Transition, The Circular Economy, The Role of War in Deep Transitions, and The Evolution of […]

Koffiedik (Reading Tea Leaves)

A six part audio play as catalyst for an unavoidable future. Along with Enusual, the part of Enpuls concerning itself with sustainability and imagination, artist collective Sun City created a trip to the future. A future translated into Koffiedik, a six part audio play that takes place in a utopian city in the Netherlands of […]

Making Europe Podcast

A six part podcast about 150 years of European progress. A six part podcast series based on the Making Europe series of books. Six musical and imaginative podcasts that take you on a journey of discovery through 150 years of European progress. Through conversations with the writers, we discover how experts, innovators, technology, and institutions […]

We Want More!

I want to be famous in 30 minutes! Two boys, 30 years old, musicians, moderately successful, but without any big hits, decide to write a hit song together with the audience. A conscious choice, the audience, because it’s the audience that will have to supply the massive amounts of plays and social media shares.The boys […]

Klimaatmuseum (Climate Museum)

How we change the world through art. The Klimaatmuseum is a pop-up museum about the biggest challenge of today: climate change. The museum provides artistic answers to the question of climate change, through innovative, inspiring, and stimulating projects. At the Klimaatmuseum, artists create a space to fantasize about an entirely new world, because not before […]

Biks (Animal Food)

A futuristic thriller, set in Zeeland’s countryside. Somewhere in the future, a boy’s grandmother dies, far too soon. She is 118 years old, and no one saw it coming. The boy tells the story of his grandmother and her last days during the hottest summer on record in the Netherlands. And about the mysterious occurrence […]


Walk through the post-fossil city of the future. City of Sounds and Silence (COSAS) is an interactive three-dimentional audio play that takes you on a walk through the city of the future. A city of peace and bustle, that is at once familiar and unfamiliar, utopian and dystopian. But, in any case, a city where […]